Girl cuts rapist’s privates and forced him to eat them

A woman who was kidnapped and assaulted turned the tables on her attacker when she castrated the sick fuck and forced him to eat his own genitals.

Kimberly Van Walt, 19, was walking home from a friend’s house when she was approached by a man offering her a ride to where she was heading. Kimberly replied, “no thank you” and the man drove off. Kimberly continued walking home but upon turning a corner, that same man jumped out of the bushes and kidnapped her.

The attacker, is a three times convicted rapist. He took Kimberly back to his house where he tied her up and assaulted her for hours. He eventually passed out drunk and Kimberly was able to untie herself.

In a fit of rage Kimberly then tied up the man and cut his penis and testicles. He woke up screaming and yelling and Kimberly proceeded to toss his “parts” in the microwave.

I threw that bastards junk in the microwave, grab the plate, fork and a steak knife and cut it up like hot dogs,” said Kimberly in a recorded statement. “I grabbed a gun that he had left on the kitchen counter, walked over to him, and forced him to eat it. I have no remorse and I am not sorry. That bastard deserved it and he’s going to hell.”

The rapist stated that he feared for his life so he complied with Kimberly’s request for him to eat his own dick and balls. He was arrested at the scene and transported to the hospital where he received medical treatment and was then transported to Jail.

Kimberly is not being charged with anything.

A neighbor named Donna gave this statement, “Now we don’t have to worry about that pervert doing this to anyone else,” she said. “If we castrated every child molester, we would never have this problem.”



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