According to the researches, cabbage is very useful for the treatment of specific conditions such as thyroid gland issues, headaches and many others.

Many people are convinced that almost everything that we need is already in nature. In many cases these natural remedies are good and sometimes even better solution than the formulated ones. The natural medications mostly don’t have any side effects.

Cabbage is one of these common natural remedies. Probably you consume cabbages as a salad. But, did you know that there are other uses of cabbage other than food consumption?

Cabbage leaves are said to pull out the issues from our bodies just like a magnet. They can be used in:

Thyroid gland issues

The thyroid gland is really important in hormonal growth, metabolism and the functioning of the organs in the digestive system. If you have issues with this gland, in order to bring back its normal function you can try to put cabbage leaves on the throat where the gland is located (outside).

Then, cover the leaves with a bandage. Sleep with it in the night then remove it in the morning.


If you notice swellings in your arms or legs, we recommend you to try to wrap the affected area with fresh cabbage leaves. Dress it with bandage. If you want to achieve best results, it is recommendable to sleep with that compress.

Pain because of Breastfeeding

For those women who experience strong pain because of breastfeeding, putting cabbage leaves in the area will surely ease the pain. You can do this during the day and night. Carefully rinse the leaves with cold water then cut the stem from the center of each leaf. Try fitting then to your breasts but without covering your nipples.

Place the leaves inside your bra. After that leave the leaves stay for about 20 min or until the leaves become warm. Repeat if desired.


You can place fresh cabbage leaves in your temples and in the upper part of the head. After that, wear some kind of a hat, cap, or anything that can hold it in place.

Important note: You should consult with a doctor when it comes to any health condition.

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