[VIRAL VIDEO] A Living Dodo Filmed In Reunion Island

The Dodo, more commonly known as dodo became a typical example of the missing animal species due to human activity. Its extinction is also due to the vandalism of colonization. Indeed, the animal is of the size of a large turkey that lived peacefully on the Island of Mauritius, formerly uninhabited until the arrival of Europeans.

In 1598, Dutch sailors came in contact with this bird previously unknown, measuring around one meter and weighs about 23 kg. The Portuguese, who had already visited the island yet did not mention about the animal. Dutch sailors quickly named the strange volatile “walgvogel” (literally “disgusting bird”), before calling it “dodo”. The etymology of “dodo” is not established, however, it could come from the Dutch word “doodars” ( “lazy”) or the former Portuguese “doudo” ( “stupid”).

Gradually, the first settlers settled on this well-located island with a favorable climate, rich in precious wood. In 1638, a governor and twenty families lived there, surrounding himself with slaves (500 to 1000) from Madagascar, the East African coast, India and Java. At that time, the dodo is not truly appreciated for its meat, considered strong and bitter, but has the advantage of being edible, on a trade route to India where sailors have difficulty finding enough variation on their diet.
The dodo then became extinct after they consumed the last dodo on the island. However, after a few centuries, a living dodo was filmed in the south of Reunion Island in the night of 1 to 2 April, 2015. While the species is believed to be extinct, this discovery may prove the existence of other dodos. A must see!!!

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