BREAKING NEWS: un plombier tranche la gorge de son neveu a Moka

A schoolboy of 16, living in Moka, is struggling between life and death. His uncle, a plumber of 48 years of age, cut his throat last Saturday night.

It is said that the victim’s uncle was under the influence of alcohol and he was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Division.

In fact, it was a joke that could have cost Sarvesh’s life (fictitious name). The schoolboy of 16 years old went to his cousin’s place, who lives in the same yard, for a chat on Saturday at 20hr30. Sarvesh was conversing with his cousin when his uncle, Sanjay Kumar Foolbaseea, a plumber of 48 years old, who was under the influence of alcohol, showed up. “To pe riy mwa, to oule mo pik twa ar kouto?” These are the words that Sanjay F. said to Sarvesh, his nephew. The teenager allegedly replied: “Ou pa pou kapav fer sa avek ou neve.”

Sanjay Foolbaseea left immediately and seconds later, he returned with a knife and cut Sarvesh’s throat. The boy was bleeding profusely. The relatives of the victim urgently took him to Victoria Hospital in Candos. He was then transferred to the hospital of Dr. A.G. Jeetoo in Port Louis, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit after surgery. On Sunday night, his condition inspired serious concerns and deteriorated.

As for Sanjay Foolbaseea, he was arrested by the Crime Branch of Moka on Sunday, then detained. The police will take his statement very soon. The son of the suspect, who testified after the attack, told investigators that it was a joke gone awry. “Mon père était sous l’emprise de l’alcool. Il a cru que Sarvesh s’était moqué de lui, d’où l’agression au couteau.” The weapon, seen as an exhibit, was recovered by the police.


Second Shock
Sangeeta, mother of Sarvesh is in a state of shock. “C’est le deuxième choc de ma vie. J’ai perdu mon époux, qui était souffrant, il y a deux ans. Et maintenant Sarvesh, mon enfant unique, est entre la vie et la mort. Je souhaite que mon fils se rétablisse dans les plus brefs délais, car je ne peux vivre sans lui. Je demande aux gens de prier pour lui. Après la mort de mon époux, Sarvesh est devenu mon seul soutien,” said the mother of 52 years old.

She explained to the Défi Quotidien she did not expect that Sanjay Foolbaseea slaughters his son. ” Mo pa ti atann Sanjay pou pik mo garson dan badinaz. Je suis troublée après avoir vu mon fils dans un état critique. Je souhaite que justice soit faite.” However, Sangeeta emphasized that she and her family have been slow to inform the police of the assault. For her, it was the health of his son that was most important at that moment.

The survey, conducted by sergeant Rustom, is supervised by the inspector Cowlessur.

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